Friday, December 7, 2012

No More Excuses! Taking it to the Next Level..

It is said that the most successful CEO's of the Biggest Corporations in this Country read 60 books a year.  The average American Worker reads less than ONE book..

The average worker also earns 319 TIMES LESS MONEY than those CEO's.

Our society points fingers to these "Crooks" and cries Foul when the news reports the fact the CEO of XYZ, Inc earned $50 million last year.  What we don't see is what that man or woman did every day of the year that the average person did not. Instead of learning how they achieved that level of success  we say they had no right to earn that amount.

This is an Excuse!

Lately I have really pushed my efforts into high gear to raise the community's awareness of Activate Fitness.  Many people have "unliked" my Facebook page because I "post too much" and others have unsubscribed from my emails because I am not "appropriate", a "bad influence", and "lost in space."

The thing is...

I'm done with excuses.

Throughout this past year I heard many things come from people who showed interest or even tried my programs, like this:

"I'm not ready."

"I think I need to work on my diet first."

"I need a kick in the ass."

"That email really pushed me and I should be ready soon."

"6am is way too early for me."

"You finally motivated me to try it out.. but.. I can't..."

"This is way too hard for me. (Too much effort needed)."

These are all excuses.  Now, I could care less about the fact that these people didn't come and join my gym. They clearly are not in the right mindset to be successful at their fitness activities and for them to come and train would probably cause problems in the gym.

The thing that really bothers me is how we hide behind excuses and lies.  Fear and Resistance.

I can't. I won't. I don't know how. I'm Not.. Maybe next week. It costs too much.

These excuses are so common in many parts of our lives and NOW.. it's time to shut the heck up and get to work.

In 2013 it is my GOAL to help Hackettstown (And the surrounding towns) LOSE ONE THOUSAND POUNDS. Yes, one thousand pounds.

BUT... there is NO ROOM for excuse makers, complainers, and people who can't make the commitments needed.

There are plenty of people who need help to get fit and healthy and at Activate Fitness I will make it happen.

No Excuses.

None from me, from my clients, or anyone.

Activate Fitness is ready to take this mission to the next level and in the coming days BIG things will be announced and more huge plans await the right time.

If you are finally ready to get up and put in the work check out this video.


  1. You should really teach the people in the video correct form before you go posting them on your blog. The half ass squats and lunges nearly made me vomit. Plus the other exercises didn't look to flash either. Seriously, that video is bad advertising for your gym. What kind of a gym do you run anyway? Female only?

    1. Thanks for the advice brother! Activate Fitness isn't female only. There are a few men but the majority of the members are in fact female. Those Squats and Lunges I assume you speak of are with the sandbag in the beginning. Happened to be her first time using them and I make sure my clients have proper form before progressing.