Thursday, December 20, 2012

How to Finally Lose Weight in 2013

2012 is nearing the final weeks and nobody is answering my question.  It has to do with the year and goals and it must be a touchy subject for some.  How well did you accomplish the goals you set for this year?

Did you lose the weight you wanted to?

Did you earn the amount of money you wanted to?

Did you lift the weight you wanted to lift?

Or, did you not set any goals and just let life slip you by one day at a time?

Most people want to lose weight. Every year we set goal after goal of losing weight, eating better, getting to the gym, and becoming the best version of ourselves.

Not too many people complete the goal. It may seem that you're at a loss and your motivation is gone.  It may seem too difficult to lose weight.  It's always easy to grab a cookie at Christmas time though.  It's always easy to grab hot dogs and hamburgers with a few gallons of booze in the summer though.

In 2013, it is easy to lose weight.  Especially if you follow what I talk about, what I write about, my programs, my advice, and my training. This may seem like I'm lifting my chin a little and smirking back at you but I know what works, how to do it, and what doesn't work.

This year I had a guy come train at Activate Fitness and in his first 3 weeks, he lost 15 pounds following diet advice from me and training at my gym.

Enough of that though, this is about you and FINALLY losing weight in 2013.

First things first, get a notebook.  If you choose not to do this then leave the page now, quit my gym, stop reading my blog, and get off my email list and facebook page.  There is no excuse or reason why your workouts and/or diet is not recorded on paper.

Now, go into your kitchen and take an inventory of what you see in the refrigerator, the lazy susan, the cabinets, and wherever else you stash your food. See what you have. If you have more boxed food and canned food than you do fresh, quality, nutritious food this needs to change. Take most of the processed boxed garbage and canned shit and give it away.  Who cares if your grocery supply cost you $400.  Toss it.

What did your parents teach you about food?  What did schools teach you about food?  What did doctors teach you about food?

Probably not much and probably the wrong shit.

Get Meats
Get Veggies
Get Fruits
Get Water
Get a Multi Vitamin

You're done.  Eat whatever you want from above, cut crap out, stop eating ice cream and cookies and using the holidays as an excuse or your neighbors barbecue and stick to what WE know is good for us.

Easier said than done.. yes.. BUT!!! We want to succeed right?  We are tired of failing right?

Do it 90% of the time and you will succeed in 2013.

Eat good foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you will lose weight with ease.

Stop snacking on the Keebler Elf and the Pillsbury Doughboy's account and snack with veggies.

If you don't think carrots are satisfying and delicious when you eat them as a snack then you have too much work to do to be complaining.

If almonds and greek yogurt is not your idea of a delicious dessert than you need to really work hard at this.

Don't worry about counting calories or weighing your food if you still need to eat 100 calorie snack packs to make it through your day.  That shit is garbage and pointless.  It's useless and will do nothing for you.

You don't want to hear that though.  They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good and you "just can't" live without it.

Enough about food.  It's easy to understand.  It's hard to accept.

After you come to grips about the food you're eating it's time to talk workouts, training, or exercise whatever you want to call it.

CrossFit is good
Strength Training is awesome
Conditioning is awesome
Zumba is good
Jazzercise is good

Going to a gym and getting on a treadmill while you read a book is stupid.

At Activate Fitness we focus on circuit style strength and conditioning routines.  Some functional and metabolic exercises are thrown in the mix, as is Cross-"training".

Is one better than the other?

No. Or Yes. Depends on who you are and what you want.

The most important thing you can do is to learn WHY you are doing something.

Why do you CrossFit?

Why do you PowerLift?

Why do you Zumba?

Why do you Boot Camp?

If you're doing something because everyone else is or a magazine said it's the best thing for you then you need to check yourself and really ask yourself why.

I powerlift. I lift heavy weights and throw some conditioning work in the mix because I want to be the Strongest and most mobile version of myself.

I don't Zumba because I hate dancing.

I don't do CrossFit because it's not the program I am looking for.

If walking on the street is your thing, it's your thing.  If running is your thing then run..

The point is your active.

When you want to get into the best shape of your life and lose weight in 2013 here is all you need to follow:

Write Down Everything about YOUR diet and exercise.
Eat well 90% of the time.
Exercise 5 times a week or more.
Sleep as much as possible while not being a bum ass.

That's it.  In 2013 you can lose all the weight you want if you follow those suggestions.

Stick to a program for 6 months in 2013 and DO THE WORK needed.

If you fail it's because you DIDN'T DO THE WORK.

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