Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Need to Be Obsessed.

It's crazy that in the world which we live that being obsessed about a sport, a job, or a dream is frowned upon. People feel like those people who work hard and long are workaholics and people who weigh their food, lift 5 days a week, and always get to sleep early are obsessed with fitness.

Being obsessed with something in your life is usually called something like not healthy or dangerous to your mental state.

We want to get ahead in life and get the most out of it.  We want nice things and more money then last year. Living a fit life, healthy, strong, and energetic is a desire of most.

Then why do we frown upon obsession?

We need to be obsessed.

But.. we are not obsessed because we feel being so is dangerous and so we avoid it.  People may talk about us and point their fingers.  We think- maybe we'll end up laying on a couch talking to a therapist if we continue this unhealthy obsession.

Being obsessed with something is a desire with a burning passion, a purpose, and determination.

Obsessions for fitness and being lean is good. It means we want to be strong and healthy- while looking good naked.

Obsessions for work, money, and career success are good.  We need more of it.  Too many people bitch about lack of jobs and how they can't afford anything, their bills are crazy, and they'll never retire. Bullshit!  Work harder, become obsessed with your occupation and take it to the next level!

We want and want until we want more but the moment someone says we're too obsessed and need to back down, we quietly submit to the resistance and fear.

We obsess over the unhealthy objects such as television and facebook, fast food and alcohol and society is accepting this as normal- but working too long is not.

If you want to achieve success in your goals try harder, become obsessed, work harder than the average.  The middle class is the new poor because we settled for normalcy. We fear obsessions like long hours of workaholicism and an addiction to fitness. We fear trying extra hard and moving away from the average. Average is comfortable.  Average is accepted.  Average is not obsessed and the perfect place to submit to our fears and the resistance around.

The end of the world as we know it is certainly surrounding us now and if you don't adapt and change your techniques, and more importantly your thoughts, you will lose.  The end of the world brings to us a new way of life not an unfortunate death. Become obsessed and grab it.. rabbit run!

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