Monday, December 10, 2012

Get Lean! 10 Ideas That Really Work!

With 2012 wrapping up and the New Year coming we all know it's time for New Year's Resolutions once again. Remember this time last year and what you set as your goal for 2012. If you didn't achieve the goal you still can.  Don't just quit and feel like you've given everything you have- because you didn't.  I bet you kicked ass all year anyways.  Life throws us so much outside interference that it is hard to keep a straight head 365/24/7.. Keep reading this blog and I'll help you through for Fitness Journeys!

Below are 10 Ideas that Really Work when you want to GET LEAN!

1. Count calories, Weigh, and Measure Food.

This is the best way to lose fat quick.  Count the calories, weigh the meats, measure the carbs, and write it all down. Go to an online calorie calculator and find where you should be as far as total needed calories and keep track of what you put in your mouth.

2. Fast

While this isn't for everyone, it is very effective due to the influence it has on our hormones.   To put it simple- when you eat throughout the day your body is working on digesting foods.  When you fast most of the day and eat in a small window like 6-8 hours, you give your body a 14-16 hour period that allows it to focus on more important things then digestion- like repairing your body.

3. Run

When I say run I don't mean a leisure jog through the neighborhood or park.  I'm talking about going to a track, a field, or finding a hill and RUN it with everything you have. Run around the track as fast as you can once and rest.  Sprint across the field as fast as you can and rest.  Run to the top of a hill and walk down slowly while catching your breath. Why? Because it works- try it.

4. Lift heavy

Sandbags, Barbells, Kettle Bells, and serious bodyweight movements will help you burn a ton of calories after your workouts while possibly increasing your strength. Strength training has been proven time and again to be one of the most effective tools for burning fat.

5. Dedicate everything to 28 days!

Take your year and break it down into 28 day periods. Make a commitment to do what needs to be done as strict as possible during those 28 days without a cheat meal or cheat day and see what happens.  It's hard to plan on a 12 week or 6 month program- UNLESS- you take small steps and go one block at a time.

6. Cut Carbs

Try it.  I hate it. I love eating carbs because I want to be strong and I feel my body, after countless tests and trials and errors, needs carbs.  BUT if you want to really get super lean try dropping all of your carbs besides what you get from Fruits and Veggies and do it for 28 days. For some people it's amazing and for some cutting carbs really makes you miserable and negatively effects your workouts.  Even if you like carbs and don't want to drop them- try consuming them all after your workouts or if you train in the morning- keep them until dinner time.  For more info on Carbs at Night check out: The Carb-Nite Solution

7. Circuit Train

If you train at Activate Fitness you train in a circuit fashion most of the time. Training in circuits will make you go through a workout faster, while doing more work than your standard Set, Rest, Set, Rest templates.

An Example:

Sandbag Squat- 1 Minute
Sandbag Clean and Press- 1 Minute
KB Snatch- 1 Minute
1 Arm Rows- 1 Minute
Jump Rope- 1 Minute

In this type of workout you do what you can do in the 1 minute and then move on. While training alone this may be difficult because it's hard to keep track of time- so in that case- do each exercise for a certain numbers of reps and then rest.

8. Compete/Commit 

Make training more meaningful and push the commitment to a higher level.  Sign up for a Mud Run, A Powerlifting Contest, a Bodybuilding/Fitness Show, or a Strongman Competition. You will train very intensely, follow a strict plan, and have more motivation to train hard.

9. Sleep More

Turn the TV off at 8 or 9 and hit the bed.  Turn the phone off or put it across the room and shut your eyes.  Simple.  Best thing for you.  Do it.

10. Drink more water

2 Glasses right upon waking up and go from there. Water is awesome and keeps everything moving inside your body.  It's fuel.  Use it.

Use all 10 of these Ideas that Really Work to Get you Lean and you will amaze yourself.  This is a formula for fat loss and overall fitness success. It seems like a lot but in reality it truly isn't- BUT- that is why true fitness success needs to be a lifestyle first and foremost.  When you don't do ALL the work, you get half assed results. Commit to implementing these ideas into your daily routine and you will Get Lean.

Stay tuned for a Serious Announcement tomorrow regarding a Smash Mouth NO BS training program for 2013 that will help Hackettstown and the Surrounding Areas lose 1000 pounds in 2013!!

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