Saturday, December 22, 2012

What we need to Win a Losing Battle..

If the entire fitness industry as a whole, meaning me, you, the guy that runs miles around the neighborhood, the lady on the treadmill, the Olympic lifter, and those people who compete, is only 2% of our entire population in the United States it's easy to say we are losing the battle of unhealthy versus healthy.

Headlines in 2012 screamed foul about the hardships of those collecting Medicaid and the details of the new Obamacare. Thousands bitching on Facebook about their thousand dollar medical bills and prescription drug commercials littering the airwaves fill our minds everyday.

"Ah don't worry about getting sick! There's a pill for that."

"Who cares if I gain 10 pounds over the holidays.  There's a new plan in the magazine that promises I'll lose it all with a water based diet!"

It sure seems to me like America is losing a very important battle that MANY ignore or simply don't talk about.  Why bring up the fact you're fat and lazy?  That's horrible!  How can someone hurt your feelings like that?  We baby our emotions and hide our true feelings so we don't hurt yours. We choose to eat out rather than eat in because it's faster and we like being waited on.  Saves the mess and the trouble of the trip to the grocery store.  We pack processed garbage for lunch and skip breakfast.

We seek our doctors care to treat our sickness or our low back pain rather than take preemptive measures to assure ourselves we never get sick or hurt.  It's easier to take a pill than it is to eat Broccoli everyday. It's easier to get pain meds and lay on the couch when we hurt our backs than it is to stretch daily and do our mobility work.

It keeps getting easier and easier to just waddle through life and more politically incorrect to speak the truth.

You want the truth?

You're lazy. You eat garbage food.  You watch too much television. You never read.  You workout for less than .02% of your week. You are out of shape and it'll take you a year or more to get into shape.

That is brutal! That is hard to read and even harder to hear someone say it to you.  The problem is that those things are true for over 90% of our population and WE NEVER say anything about it. Sometimes- maybe your doctor will- but how often do we take it to heart?

What's it going to take?  A stroke? Cancer? A loss of a loved one to realize change is needed and it's needed now?

We need to scratch everything out of our minds, out of our stores, out of our books, and START over. It's not too late to start over.

We need to not be concerned with p90x or if CrossFit is the best thing for us.  We have to stop worrying about the Paleo Diet or the Zone Diet, the Hollywood Star Diet or whatever else sucks.

We need to turn off Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz.

We need to shut Oprah and Kristie Alley up and listen to people like Jason Ferruggia and John Romaneillo.

We need to eat Veggies like Potato Chips.

We need to eat Protein every meal!  This shocks me the most.  I know so many people who don't get enough Protein.  People don't eat meat, chicken, or eggs.  We'd rather have Pizza or a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and call it lunch.  Macaroni and Cheese for dinner. Where is the 4 ounce piece of chicken?

We need to stop going to the gym whenever we feel like and not feel bad when we miss a trip because our membership is only $19 a month and start going to places that have specific programs and coaches, trainers, or a team of specialists running the show- people that place the responsibility on YOUR shoulders and HOLD you to YOUR commitment.

We need to INVEST in our health rather than our health insurance.

We need to stop sugarcoating the fact that our brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, and parents are sick and out of shape and tell them to kick ass or they're going to keel over.

It sucks to know that many many many people just don't give a shit about their health. It sucks knowing people hate exercising because they think it's too hard. Some people say they see things turning around.  I believe this is true but it's not enough.  We have too many people in our lives that we love and care about that just don't give a shit.  That is not cool.  All it takes is a few TRUE words and you can get your friends or family members to eat better or work out.  Why let their lives slip away without a fight?  This is it.  We only live once and there is no reason we should do it sick, fat, and nearly dead.  We should do it happy, alive, and as fit as can be! Get up, grab your partner, and do the work needed.  Stop complaining.

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