Tuesday, December 4, 2012

3 Not So Shocking Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

Losing Fat can be very frustrating for most people.  We try our hardest and the weight just does not fall off. We start a workout program and jump into it with everything we have!  Most people have a plan for what they eat and some just wing it.  Others weigh their food, measure it, and count their calories.  Some people follow magazine article diets or Best Selling Weight Loss Book diets.

Then why do we not lose weight?

What is holding us back from succeeding in our goals?

Below are 3 Not So Shocking Reasons that may be the first clues into WHY you're not burning enough fat!

1. You're not being serious about focusing on your diet

Do you follow the latest trends and wing what you read about?  Do you just go about eating how you feel is the right way to lose fat? We don't spend enough time doing the research we need to really get the most out of diets.  The media has thrown so much information out at us and through years of outside input we are very confused.

To get serious, grab a pen and paper and record everything you eat.
Eat food that walks, flies, swims, and grows out of the ground.  If it doesn't, don't eat it.
Use your fists to measure your food if you're too lazy to weigh or measure it properly.
Cook days in advance.
Don't just eat a banana for breakfast and an apple for lunch while going home to eat a dinner of pasta, meatballs, and garlic bread.  That doesn't work.
FOCUS! Protein first!

2. You don't train hard enough.

You workout 2-3 times a week and leave it at that. There is no other exercise in your week and barely any daily movement. To get lean and fit while being strong you need to train for it.  5 times a week at least. You could hit the weights and group classes 3 times a week while running, walking, or lifting more on your own time.  Train hard, to the point, and effectively. No long treadmill sessions or 4 minute rest periods.

3. You worry about it too much.

Or you're just negative about your body image and lack self confidence.  Stop worrying about why the weight isn't falling off. Make your plan, follow the steps, and let nature work it's magic.  Leave the scale alone and let it collect dust in the closet. Stop looking at yourself in the mirror and complaining or letting yourself down.  Get excited about the plan, the food, the exercise, and go about your daily life.  If you follow a plan and do "great" and don't lose weight, just let it go.  Focus on the long term picture and see if you need to make changes... You do record everything right?

Don't blame genetics, don't blame any medical reasons you made up, and don't blame anyone but yourself.  It's your responsibility to do the work.  Nobody will do it for you. It's best to do it right the first time. If you train for 3 hours a week, remember the other 165 hours are more important. Use your willpower and determination and keep the focus. It all comes down to one thing and that is...

Doing the Work YOU need to do!

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