Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flip the switch

"I'm about to tear shit up
Goosebumps? Yea I'm a make your hair sit up..Eminem"

I know many people who do not like to lift weights, run, walk, jog, do CrossFit, do Yoga or Pilates, watch what they eat, and they don't even like to- or want to- become better. It's not hard to notice there is something wrong in this society that is going to cause more problems for close minded people then what they currently go through.

Life is hard there is no question about it.  I once lived under a bridge for a week while I ate catfish, sunfish, and had nothing to call "mine".  I bounced around from couch to car to couch to sleeping bag on the floor and all over again.  I hated life.  Everything pissed me off.  Politics bothered me, Rich people made me angrier, high school students driving cars from their parents made me furious, and the lack of jobs (so I thought) put me in a deep nothingness. 

Then, one day, when I found a stable location to live I started asking for divine intervention.  I needed something- anything- to come to my life that made everything "easier".  Everyday for months I spoke to my mind and the man above to help me live.  That's all I wanted. A life.  Something more than worrying about food and a place to live.  I wanted to stop blaming other people and have the ability to stand tall and shout "F**K You" to negative shit running through my head.

As time went on I had a few jobs that sucked, I started lifting again, I quit worrying about the necessities and continued to seek more.  I started working at a job I am still at today, as a Medical Biller with my Mother's business and that was the foundation for all that was to come.  I finally had a steady paycheck and guidance, from my mom, family, and co workers, and then I started to expand my mind. 

The problem, starting before the bridge life and onwards, was my mindset.  I was a nasty and negative dweller.  Sure I always smiled, joked, had fun, knew had to party, and people liked me- but inside I was a tear out of the eye away from death. I noticed the problem and went to work on fixing it. 

So my mindset shifted and I was happy- finally after 6-8 years I had happiness. I was excited for this new life I was living and it showed.  I was being noticed by women and my social life was growing.  This is when I met the most loving person I ever met in my life- my now wife.  She took that change I was flying through and put me into overdrive.

Needless to say I went from a homeless bum to a home-owning family man relatively quick. It all started in my mind.

 Now, as a Fitness Trainer I feel the need to pay it forward and give back to people in need. A lot of people's problems aren't even problems, quoting Randy Pausch from The Last Lecture. When you really think about your life and all of the small hassles we go through- they mean nothing.  If we wake up in the morning we have to be thankful for life and stoked to be alive.  We need to pay the opportunity to be alive forward and Kick Ass throughout our days. 

There is no time to be weak, to be tired, to be close minded and negative.  There is also no need for it.  I see it all the time- armless Bodybuilding women, men in wheelchairs competing in shows, Kyle Maynard f**king fighting in the octagon!  FIGHTING- in MMA and lifting weights most people can't budge.  Does he sit there and complain about Romney and Obama?  No way.  He's too busy being positive and kicking ass.

I was watching the debate the other day and the questions made me facepalm myself.  People crying about jobs and asking what "they" are going to do to create more.  Let me tell you right now- they are not going to do shit for you.  Why?  They don't care.  Nobody cares. 

These people were asking why this and that is expensive and how "they" will make it more affordable.  NEWSFLASH- there is nothing on their agendas that is going to drive food prices down.  They don't care.  If anything, they'll pay big corporations to make fake chemical laden food products that cost pennies so people can feel a little full. You need to go out there and get it.  Nobody will hand you anything or make it easier for you.

When I was broke, homeless, and angry I always expected someone to help me.  GIVE ME. Why are people so selfish and how come nobody is willing to buy me dinner? 

That train of thought got me nowhere. Unemployment collection will get you nowhere.  You may sustain a living but is it really a life? There's more to life then paying your rent and working a 9 to 5. There's more than sitting down to watch DVDs and the latest hottest television shows.

Flip the switch right now and become something more.  I know you're fed up with the way your life is right now.  Now it's time to make it better.  DO it now.  Time wasted is time lost.  The only way to push through the pain is to flip the switch and get into action at this very moment. 99% of the people reading this won't do anything right now to flip their switch and that's why there's the 1% who have everything they want.  They are the Doers. I just finished the Underground Strength Coach Certification and my mind told me before I pushed the add to cart button that I wasn't ready.  I felt I wasn't strong enough or fit enough and if I would've listened I would have missed out on one of the best and most important things I ever did in my life. I flipped the switch from negative to positive and I am so grateful for doing so.  Stand up, dust yourself off, and make the move you've putting off- RIGHT NOW.  Flip that f**king switch!

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