Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Men's Strength and Fitness BOOT CAMP

SHOCKING Workout Environment making Men out of boys!!

Calling ALL MEN in the Hackettstown/Mount Olive/Long Valley Area!

If you're tired of being sick and tired, tired of working out inside four walls, and up for a serious challenge then look no further because what you'll find here will shock you!

Do you ever feel like you are a weak man and envy other guys around you who are stronger and more confident?  Have you tried workout after workout inside the Corporate Box Gyms while failing to ever see results?

Dear Local Friend-

My name is Mike Corona, I am a Certified Fitness Specialist and I was in that exact position.  I came out of a huge slump in my life where I was once homeless living under a bridge fishing for my food and bouncing around between hotel after hotel or friends houses.. until one day I caught a lucky break and was offered a roof and food.  

At this house there was a detached garage in the backyard and inside were some weights, a bar, and a bench and the day I saw that stuff collecting dust my life changed forever.  I went out there everyday and did some kind of workout.  Lifting weights in the freezing cold and pouring rain- I loved it.  

During this time of lifting weights outside I changed. I become motivated and hungry for more in life.  I wanted to become something bigger.  I looked around and saw all the "men" kicking ass and living well.  I got jealous, seriously- pissed at the world. 

I started talking to God and asked for something more and the road I landed on shocked me like nothing ever before.  I quickly met a woman who I quickly married and things turned around FAST.  I moved to Hackettstown- actually Mount Olive- and we bought our first house.  Hopefully our only house ever because it's awesome here.  

During the time in between I continued to lift and I was forced to train at Corporate Gyms like Retro and a local 24 hour one on Main Street in Htown.  I hated IT!!! Everyone was just going through the motions and NOBODY was KICKING ASS- NOBODY! It made me hate training, lifting, eating right- and I just wanted to quit.  

The last straw was when this local gym decided to sell their squat rack to make room for CrossFit stuff.  Hey that's cool- BUT- that was the only piece of equipment I ever used there.  I left.  I went home and made a homemade squat rack out of 2x4's and proceeded to lift in my basement- with Cave Crickets, Wolf Spiders, Fuzzy looking Caterpillars, and Stink Bugs.  I LOVED IT!  I went from a -10 on the motivation scale to a 50 over night.  A few weeks of that and I was offered an offer I couldn't refuse for a Squat Rack and like 500 pounds of weight.  I bought it quickly and removed everything out of my little 8x10 garage and threw it in the basement.

THIS^^^ Was now HOME!  I was amped and ready to go.  Cold weather?  Who cares!! Hot weather? Bring IT!! I had my mancave and my motivation was SET TO OVERDRIVE!  I became one with the weights, the bars, the sled, the rack- and my progress has never been better. More importantly- throughout all of this crazy stuff that was going on- I became a man.  I literally went from being a "little boy" who wanted things handed to him because he felt he deserved them- to becoming a man who knows how to kick ass and TAKE the things he wants.  I no longer expect things- I create them.  I learned a lot of hardcore life lessons at a young age and took it to my training and NEVER felt better.

In between all this Kick Ass stuff about my Garage Gym, marriage, and Box Gyms that cost pennies because they suck, I became a Personal Trainer and started Activate Fitness. I knew I needed to help spread this word, this philosophy, this style of training, and this LIFESTYLE so I became a trainer and went to work for MYSELF to help as many people as I can.  I didn't jump into a local sports club or box gym to train because that shit is NOT who I am.  I don't agree with what they preach and I knew I'd never fit in.  

I started training a lady in her living room and quickly we moved to my garage and driveway and she brought her friends along with her.  Now, I do sublease a studio gym where I have boot camp style classes- BUT THIS Strength and Fitness BOOT CAMP is totally a different story.

I'm starting my Men's Strength and Fitness Boot Camp at my home, in my driveway, and small garage gym because it's my headquarters.  This is a place where results happen.  It's hardcore.  It's open to the elements and it's the foundation of all Activate Fitness is.  

"Like a CLUB for MEN that turns Boy Scouts into Deadly Weapons."

Sure it's getting colder each day and darker faster- BUT that SHIT only CONCERNS the WIMPS!!  

This Men's Boot Camp is NOT what your wives are doing or what the Stay at Home Mom's Do.  The training is HARDCORE, OLD SCHOOL, UNDERGROUND, and Filled with HARD WORK!

MY #1 Goal is to turn weak, scared, broke, sick, tired, lonely MEN into REAL HARDCORE DETERMINED MEN! AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!! 

Let's FACE IT right here and right now.  "MEN" nowadays ARE NOT REAL MEN like our Grandfathers, Fathers, and Great Grandfathers were.  Nowadays we have to worry about hurting someone's feelings, listening to an angry wife who WE FEAR because WE WANT SEX so WE DO WHATEVER WE'RE TOLD, we sit and watch TV because it's exciting, we PAY PEOPLE to cut our grass and plant our trees, we spend our time wasting our energy BICKERING online at public forums, WE DON'T Stand Up FOR OURSELVES because we're WEAK and SCARED. We FEAR for Job Security every day WHEN WE SHOULD BE MAKING BIG THINGS HAPPEN in OUR LIFE! 


Sure I am not being politically correct and I may be talking a bunch of shit BUT LET's FACE IT- this is truth.  Don't deny it.  How many hardcore men do you know that lift weights in the snow and get brutally strong day in and day out? We want towel service and locker rooms.  We want water fountains and televisions above our machines.  We want weight machines that you SIT IN instead of getting UNDER THE BAR! 

Not here- NOT NOW!

If you are serious about getting into shape and TURNING your life around I INVITE you to come train at Activate Fitness Headquarters to see if YOU are STRONG Enough!  

If you're looking to-

Build Muscle
Burn Fat
Build SERIOUS Real World Strength
Have Fun

Then this Men's Strength and Fitness Boot Camp in Hackettstown is FOR YOU!

My classes will be CAPPED at 10 people because I want to ensure you that you get PERSONAL Coaching, MAXIMUM Results, and DEDICATED Service.


Because I want to help you turn your life around and get into the best shape possible- this Boot Camp is NOT a Month to Month Membership.  This is a dedicated program for the few MEN out there who want to Succeed at LIFE and for that I only offer 3 month programs or 12 month programs. 

AND- I'm selective in WHO I ALLOW to TRAIN here.  If you don't fit the mold I am looking for and you complain about the cold weather, the hot weather, the rain, the snow, the wind, the difficulty of the training- THEN I DON'T WANT YOU! 

This Shit is NOT EASY!

It's Real World Strength in Real World Environments. If it snows, we train in snow.  If it rains, we're lifting in the rain.

If you're already thinking to yourself while reading this that you might not enjoy it then leave this page NOW.  If you have negative feelings about cold or hot weather- LEAVE NOW. 

If you feel that PASSION and EXCITEMENT inside of you right NOW then contact me for more information to get Started on a NEW LIFESTYLE.

A Stronger, Leaner, Smarter Lifestyle!

If you're READY to start training at Activate Fitness Headquarters and ARE READY to Change YOUR LIFE then contact me FOR YOUR FREE Try-Out!

Email me at ActivateFitnessPT (@) gmail.com

Right now the training Schedule is as follows:

Saturday Mornings at 7:00AM

Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM- yes it's cold and dark!  You man enough?



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