Monday, October 1, 2012

I think I'm being too Nice.

This is life.

It's not a joke.

Serious shit that only comes once.

Use it or lose it and the way it unfolds is up to you.

Hide behind lies and sugarcoat the truth.

Or step out in front and tell it the way it really is.

People are out of shape.  Really out of shape.

Too out of shape for exercise.

Their minds are too far gone to understand the truth and what it really takes to succeed.

Workouts need to be frequent.  Planned first.  Church can wait. Work can wait. Dunkin Donuts can wait.  That birthday party for your nephew- can wait.

You'll never get anywhere if you don't try and if you don't try daily.

The 4th quarter has begun and the holidays are coming faster then ever.

Before you know it, you're setting last year's resolution as this year's.

The truth is we are lazy. There is too much confusion and outside interference that we block it all out and sit to watch Football.

When you train with me it can be anywhere from 1-5 hours a week.  Maybe 6 if you really bleed passion and desire.

Problem is all the other time of the week.

What are you doing?

What are you eating?

What lie are you choosing to believe in today?

When was the last time you ran or heck- hiked?

We are capable of so much more but we choose not to try.  We care not for health instead- facebook.

If you are honest with yourself and you really try- smile.  Congratulate yourself.  You are (sorry USMC) one of the few and should be proud.

What is try?  Is try a workout or two a week?

No.  It's not just going through the motions either.

Like Zach Even-Esh says- become "Comfortable Being Uncomfortable". Move outside of that comfort zone you know you're hiding in.  I was comfortable Squatting, Lifting, and Pressing with barely anything else.  I screwed myself out of Real World Strength.  I changed that now.  I looked past the lies and grabbed the truth by the throat.

Do you even care?

Does your health matter to you?

You only get health one time.  Once it goes to shit-true bad diseased health- it's hard to ever get it back.

Don't choose to let it all slip away...


This coming Saturday- Activate Fitness will be at Hackettstown's Community Day at the Lowe's Parking Lot off Mountain Avenue from 11 to 5. Stop by and enter the raffle where I will pick 4- yes Four- winners that will each get 2 Free Months of Group Personal Training.  A $225 value.  Plus I will have a Push Up Contest where you get 1 minute to do as many as possible.  Winners (1 male and 1 female) will receive a gift card from another business in the community and an Activate Fitness gift card.  Also- I will have a Kettle bell challenge with some extra prizes and a few surprises. Come by and see Activate Fitness!

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