Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hackettstown Gym Specializes in Weight Loss

When someone asks me what I do at Activate Fitness, I tell them I get people Fit, Strong, Healthy, In Shape, Motivated, and all sorts of cool words.  But if I were to combine all of these flashy, edgy words into one simple statement that takes less then 5 seconds to enunciate it would be "I specialize in Fat Loss Training."

Throughout the United States, and some other places in the World, the population is increasingly gaining rapid weight and moving less. I set out on this journey to help people live better lives and that is the reason why I developed a Fat Loss training company in Hackettstown, NJ.

When a person comes to train at Activate Fitness they do not walk into the gym and do whatever it is they feel like.  Clients of mine come into my Group Training setting and follow my lead.  I develop programs geared towards causing rapid fat loss, increasing general physical capability, and proper flexibility. 

The journey they set forth on is not easy.  It is not as rapid as one may wish, and it certainly won't happen overnight.  There are no quick fixes or special tactics that seem like secrets.  It takes consistency, desire, and EFFORT to succeed in the classes at Activate Fitness.  

For some it may take a few months to drop their desired weight and others it may take years.  The results my clients get are based on their personal effort.  It takes proper accountability from ones self to succeed at anything in life.

Activate Fitness uses the slogan "Dedicated. Demanding. Determined." and this means a lot to me because in reality by combining those three ACTIONS you unlock the keys and the secrets to succeeding at ANY goal.

If you are dedicated to accomplishing something in your life, you make the effort needed.  You stay committed to your goals and success.  You continue to make things happen because YOU want them to! You also need to be Demanding.  Demanding of your total effort inside and outside of the gym or in any adventure through life.  Being dedicated to your success and demanding of your efforts you show your Determination. Staying consistent with diet and exercise while keeping the "Eye of the Tiger" shows you are determined to succeed and not let anything slow you down.

That is what Activate Fitness teaches. Focusing on Fat Loss with a little side dish of Self Improvement.  If you are serious about taking your fitness to the next level come try out a class or two at Activate Fitness.  Sign up for the weekly newsletter on the right side of this page and I will personally give you a FREE fitness evaluation and consultation. To help people is my goal and what better way than through Diet and Exercise.

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