Thursday, August 9, 2012


“It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one's acts.” Mahatma Gandhi

As I was beginning to type up this blog post I had the idea of blogging about what many people refer to as "The Entitlement Era". As we all know our society has taken a drastic change since most of our parents were kids.  Starting in the late 90s and increasing ever so slightly each passing year we have come to the point were we expect things.  Handed on a silver platter with a neatly pressed napkin laid out on our lap as we dine. I will not go further on discussing The Entitlement Era because it is nothing more than a negative thought as well as emotion and to waste time doing that is foolish and unproductive.

Instead, I will talk about Accountability. Pointing blame or faults will not partake in this post as that is also negative and unproductive.  As Gandhi says, it is wrong and immoral to point blame on someone else or to not "man up" when things become wrong or against our wishes.

I once pointed blame to others and spoke down upon consequences like it was someone else's fault that I was where I was at the time. Once upon a lifetime ago my car insurance was to be $5000 a year if I financed a new vehicle because it is mandatory to have full coverage. I remember vividly when my mother told me this.  "How the fuck does that woman live with herself?" I said speaking about the car insurance agent.  I felt this woman was ripping me off and the huge bill was all her fault.  Now, thinking back on that moment, it was nobody's fault but my own.  I was the one who ran up the points on my license for being a dumbass, so it was on me to do what I had to do. To live with consequence.

Until only a few years back, I was never accountable for anything.  I too, like many of us today, felt entitled for things to be handed to me. Why shouldn't they? I'm a good guy!  I work hard and I'm not a criminal.  Give me and give me more. But it doesn't work that way. Actually it may for cheats and thieves but the ones who get things this way always end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

I set my alarm clock every night so I can wake up on time to arrive at work as scheduled.  It is my responsibility to do so.  Nobody comes to my house and does so for me.  I am accountable of my actions. My health is my responsibility and in turn I am accountable of the fact I need to exercise and eat well if I want to keep it. Doctors do not make my food or tell me what to eat and trainers do not make me exercise, I take those steps. I do the research needed.  I don't have the time lying around waiting, I make it.

I recently blew up a decent lawn mower because I was not responsible for my actions.  It did not magically keep itself in top shape. I've learned my lesson. Nobody was there poking me with a hot stick telling me to do this or that so I can make sure the engine continues to run smoothly.  It is my fault. There is no exterior force behind my perceived "bad luck" and now I am stuck paying the bill on a new tractor.  

I was stumped as what to write after the above paragraph and shelved this blog post for awhile. Today I came across this picture:

The End.

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