Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blog Fog Stew

Lately I have just gone blank on thoughts of what I want to write about.  I know I could give my opinions on proper deadlifting technique or how to measure food so you can lose weight without scales and special spoons but.. I have nothing.  The internet, big box book stores, and magazines are filled with so much information that has clogged the minds of billions that I need some hard time to figure out something that will create your "aha" moment. So I figured to try to jump out of the black hole of writing block and away from the over saturated fitness world, I would decide to just make a stew of random BS that may or may not entertain you.

Skinny Jeans on Men- Really?  Really?...... Really?

Morning workouts are awesome.  In an effort to trim my waist line after a few months of dat dere eating like a horse I have decided to throw in some conditioning workouts in the morning.  No more sitting around drinking coffee surfing facebook for an hour before I leave for work.  (Why I do this I have no idea I should just sleep.) I feel more alive in the morning after I do a conditioning drill or 4.. Feelsgoodman

Harry Beckwith is a good writer.  For those with businesses of your own I recommend buying everything he ever wrote.

Life is changing fast and the next chapter of my life is on the horizon and I am fucking scared out of my mind.

Not gonna lie- I'm freaked!

I miss watching baseball.  I completely forget it's on when it's on but I don't normally watch television anymore. Catching up on some baseball is in much needed order.

Kettle Bell conditioning is fun and exhausting.

My dog is a little bitch when it comes to walking on wet grass.  He won't do it.  He will happily hold his shit for 24 hours until the grass isn't wet or he just can't stand it anymore.

How can I help women change their bodies through exercise when most don't trust weights?  Most women rather dance with their girlfriends to some pop hits from the 80's in a church gymnasium.  It doesn't work but their ears seem closed.

Not all- I know about 5 or so who know how to bring it.,

Cricket Hill Lager is a local Jersey made brew and I couldn't stop drinking it.  A 6er went down smooth, delicious, and I stumbled later to my bed.

Hug the people you love every time you see them. Every freaking time.

Today is the reason I bought a Jeep with a soft top.  80+ degrees, sun shining, and not a cloud in the sky.  Wind over the bald head is nice and relaxing.

I watched a Rangers-Devils game the other day and actually enjoyed it.  I have not watched an entire hockey game in over 10 years.  I'm tuning in now.

Dogs rule.

Embrace life to the fullest every time you have the privilege of waking up.

Heavy weight training is forever a passion of mine.

Someone stole my NOV shirt that has the famous quote from Jim Wendler about science and studies on the back.... Fuaarrrkkk

Jack Canfield books have become interesting to me.

I am scheduled to play in a poker tournament that I previously won on June 9th- I'm stoked.

Writing a book on exercise and diet is probably in my future.  I mean seriously- there are about 10000000000 out there and people gobble them up like they describe Christian Grey's who who... Why can't I take advantage of that and possibly make a buck or two?

My cat can't find the litter box or she finds it extremely funny dropping a number 2 in random places at least once a week..

Call your mother everyday and say "I love you".

I was battling some really tight hip flexors and possibly tight piriformis' for awhile.  I switched my routine to train heavy twice a week and haven't felt them since.  I also added this daily:

People on Facebook are funny but sad at the same time.  Also sharing pic after pic after pic might clog your newsfeed and you find it annoying but 80% are funny as fuck.

WWE is fake.  I know.  But.. it's awesome.  Some is face palm stupid but most is entertaining.

The writers that make it to have inspired me and taught me more than a book ever will.

Joining a CSA is kind of neat.  A ton of it was lettuce, like Romaine, Bibb, and Red Leaf but now I won't lack in the greens department.  And the 2 pound jar of honey is tits. If you've never heard that expression I can explain it one day.

My cat just bit me.. twice.

After about ten minutes and a bathroom break I have come back to this here blog and I am stuck again on anything and everything.  Have an awesome week and drink craft beer.  Workout hard, eat well, kiss your mother, tell your loved ones you love them, buy a good book that can help change your life, get sun, lift heavy, kiss babies, hug a dog, play fetch with a dog, go for a walk, eat some chicken that roamed free at a farm, buy something that'll make you smile, kiss your wife or husband for more than 12 seconds everyday for the rest of your lives, laugh at annoying pictures on your wall, adopt a dog or cat, take a multi, and never pass up-deny-or resist sex.

Also- do not buy facebook shares.

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