Monday, March 5, 2012

I care not to look like a God...

But rather being Healthy enough to have a kid or two and live until I see their children's kids.  

There is a huge change starting to sweep across the country, and maybe even other parts of the world.  I have found myself right in the middle of it.  For years and years the people of the United States of America have been force fed lies by rich companies with really deep pockets.  Deep enough pockets that they have influenced the influence our own Government has on us.  When people blame issues on the President or politicians, I laugh.  How can we truly understand what is right for us and what is wrong, with all of the misguidance and ridiculous stories being told? You see, just because our President tells us it's okay to do whatever he says doesn't mean we should.  Our freaking parents taught us this crap when we were kids.  

"If Sally wanted to jump off a bridge, would you?"

I care not to look like a God, I'd rather have my health.  You see, looking like a God is cool and all if you're a conceited person who values other people's opinions over the truth of one's own mind. If you begin some sort of diet or training program with the goal of being a ripped dude or a sexy chick that drops jaws you have already failed. The people in the USA should not try for this because they are not nearly close enough to healthy.  Almost every person in this country has some sort of disease, injury, imbalance, or nutritional deficiency. There are over 130 million people waking up every morning in the USA that are overweight.  This number rises everyday.  Now when these 130 million people realize they will die prematurely they take action and decide to "get healthy", but they consume the corporate lies and start off on the wrong foot.

Anyone working in a doctor's office, a hospital, or a private health related practice can attest to the fact that there are many men and women in their 40s and 50s who have diseases or ailments that they should not have.  Most doctor's who are smart and care more about helping a patient rather then steal their money will tell them to get on a diet.  Start losing weight, get active, change your lifestyle.. and it ends there, leaving the patient scratching their heads as what to do. Fast forward to 8 o'clock that night when the patient is sitting on their couch watching a prime-time television show when that commercial comes on for Jenny Cheater or Weight Laughers. They watch the commercial and immediately the doctor's advice clicks in their heads.  So they start on the path of figuring out which diet to start.  They open a book that is on America's best selling list because people are so "healthy on it" and see the diet plan on page 330 written out day by day for them.  All of the hard work is done.  Page 330 tells me to eat x and x at x o'clock, Great!

So why do people do what page 330 told them, lose 30 pounds, and then regain 50 pounds?  Why are people still overweight and still gaining when all of these books out there on the shelves have diet plans for 2 months written out for them?  

Everybody is different.

Every persons diet is different from their friends, family, or co workers. Just because Jenny Cheater told me to eat this and that, doesn't mean it'll work for me, maybe not even for you.  A book with a diet plan written out for you or a book that tells you how many points to eat per day does not work because they do not take into consideration your deficiencies and imbalances.  The goal of living healthy is not attained by starving yourself and eating by a point spread. People need to stop listening to the lies of Corporate Fitness and Nutrition and look first at what THEY need and what WORKS for them. 

"If everyone ate nothing but what they could buy at a farmers market a lot of doctors and hospitals would go out of business and six-pack abs would be as common a sight as leaves on a tree." - Jason Ferruggia

And to add to that "If everyone ate ENOUGH...."  Most people, when they drop their Doritos, begin a diet by dropping their fork also.  How many women do you know that starve themselves day in day out by eating like a pigeon?  How many men do you know that stare at your plate when you're eat wishing they could eat the amount of food you eat?  

The problem with obesity and the unhealthy state of this country is not overeating.  It is eating too much of the wrong stuff.  Processed frozen meals have taken center stage on dinner plates across the country because of convenience.  What the F**K happened to hard work?  Where are people's values nowadays?  Do we seriously care too much about jumping to the couch that we start eating something filled with shit in order to get there quicker?  Are we so drained from crap food, that we can't take ten minutes in the morning to prepare meals for the day while at work?

Stop taking the easy way out. This is your life, you only get one.  Be proactive about your future, save yourself a ton of pain and costly medical bills by being smart with your nutrition.  Sure you can have a handful of Oreo's with Milk one day, but make sure you worked hard at being able to.  If you want to start today on the fast track to a healthy, fit body then get rid of all the processed garbage in your house.  Don't make excuses like "But it's my kids favorite."  So basically, you're saying "It's fine if my kid is not healthy because I'll risk his/her future for my enjoyment". An enjoyment that lasts what, 2 minutes top? Do not use the excuse "But I just bought that and it cost me $10". Tough shit, live and learn and throw it away. Processed food only has one place in our homes... In our Zombie attack emergency survival kit. The awareness of the ill effects of processed foods, the chemicals used, and the conditions where the foods are grown or made is rising in the country.  Farmer's Markets are popping up all over and documentaries about the subject are abundant. Stop using the excuse of "I don't have time" because you do have the time, you just choose to take the easy way.

The days of men and women going to gym to become "sexy beasts" is nowhere near being over.  People will always want this and it'll always be the most popular goal for the majority of gym dwellers or exercisers in this country.  Becoming the healthiest and fittest person you can is not just about training your ass off.  You need to have a good balanced diet or you're just wasting your time.  The main reason we should all want to go to the gym and be healthy, is to fight the future one day at a time. You have control of your destiny, whether it be diabetes at 55,Osteoporosis at 43, Dead of a Heart Attack at 37, or healthy, alive, and active at 87.  Are you going to sacrfice your strength and power to achieve a level of leanness that makes you feel sexy?  What happens when you're out partying and some badass dudes decide to rob you and rape your girlfriend?  Are you going to be able to fight them off on a serious caloric deficit with a massive nutritional deficiency? People need, and some are, to understand that this "life" isn't all roses and butterflies. One day, one event, and one disaster can change your world and your health and fitness will be the deciding factor of whether you live or you die.  Get up, get started, get strong, and do it right.  

Dedicated. Demanding. Determined.

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