Sunday, March 11, 2012

The fall of MANkind.

The whole world is on a skinny jeans kick and visible abs are “in.” 

Back in the early days of weight training and professional bodybuilding, I'm talking Reg  Park era, there were only a handful of exercises men would do.  They all had something in common.  A Barbell was the tool of choice and the iron, concrete, or steel plates was the nail used to create the foundation of what were some very impressive physiques. These men worked out for hours at a time and ate a ton of red meat.  They did not focus on their abs.

Before the dawn of corporate fitness and the influence of the Joe Weider Era, gyms were only visited by men wishing to get stronger and had the intensity and desire to perform heavy movements on a daily basis.  These guys never questioned one of their coaches or mentors, they never asked for the latest research.  They did what worked and their results spoke for themselves.

So what did these men do?  They stuck to the basics, the Squat, the Deadlift, the Bench Press, and the Overhead Press.  Most of these men walked into the gym and performed these movements 3 times a week, for five sets of five or more.  Over-training was not nearly as big of a problem then as it is now.  I am not even sure if the word was even used.  Most likely this is because it should not exist.  The majority of us are NOT elite athletes training 10 hours a week, most of us put in 2 to 3 hours at most, complaining about over training or lack of results makes you an instant loser and you have fallen into George's picture of the pussification of the American male.  Get into the gym, warehouse, basement, garage, or driveway (it didn't matter if they had to lift in an RV they would), lift heavy, go home to eat, and mate.  That was the daily schedule after the necessity of making a living for most of these brutally strong men.  

So what happened?  How come nearly every town in this country has some shoe shined Joe Schmo gym where the majority of space is taken up by cardio machines and less important weight training machines?  How come the little boys who think they're men are afraid to use the free weight section and stick with the Nautilus machines?  Why are gyms across the country not filled with platforms and men doing deadlifts and pushing heavy shit over their heads?  Nowadays you can get kicked out and banned from a gym for showing any sign of effort.  Dare not to grunt or a lunk alarm will blare throughout the gym making you look like an outcast.

Why do we continue to let this bullshit consume us?  Is our government behind it?  Do they want men to stay weak and little sissies who fear effort?  

The majority of the "men" that belong to a gym are not doing it right, actually they DON'T want to.  They are afraid, they are afraid to lift heavy and put in the effort that will guarantee they see amazing results.  Time and time again those little boys complain their workouts are not working, they need the next best supplement to achieve results, or they are afraid they're going to hurt themselves and "Can't afford to be hurt", shying away from the Squat.

These statements they stand behind that make them feel better are backed by nothing but excuses.

1. If your workout isn't working- ask yourself why.  Are you eating enough?  Are you progressing weekly? Are you doing the exercises that are proven to work?  Do you Squat?

2. They need the next best supplement.  Why?  Because Flex magazine said so?  STFU and eat more.  If you don't squat over 300 pounds, deadlift over 300 pounds, and bench over 225 eat more food and keep working on it before you introduce a supplement.  I know first hand, I wasted hundreds if not thousands of dollars caught in some gimmick.

3. Afraid you're going to get hurt?  Man up.  That's it.  There is nothing more to it...simply Man the F up.  Learn from a professional, get technique down, and work on it.  Grow a pair.

This article is not just for the little boys who pretend to work out and get off over the pump.  It goes to all the guys out there that need to be men.  If you have a family, a job, or dreams and have a penis you need to act like a man.  No more being afraid of shit.  Say a 250 pound man came into your house while you slept with your wife.  You never worked out before and weigh barely 150 pounds soaking wet.  The 250 pound man came into your bedroom and grabbed your wife.  What the hell are you going to do about it?  You will "man up" and try to defend your family, maybe you have a gun, maybe you have a baseball bat, but.. maybe you don't.  At a weak 150 pounds do you think you can overcome someone 100 pounds heavier then you?  If you do not have any sort of Mixed Martial Art training or hand to hand combat under your belt, most likely you'll be getting your ass kicked.  Just some food for thought.

For more information on becoming awesome and more manly then a grizzly bear read the following books and use the tools they provide:

Jim Wendler's 5/3/1
Starting Strength
Reg Park's Strength and Bulk training
Westside Barbell Book of Methods
and many more.  

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