Monday, March 26, 2012

The voices...

"I hear voices in my head
They council me
They understand
They talk to me"

I keep hearing these voices in my head, or maybe they're not in my head.. maybe they're in background of my daily life.... or is that the radio? Actually it's coming from a variety of different sources and it's beginning to create a path of increasing insanity throughout the world.  

It could be voices talking about political issues or voices reaching out for someone.. anyone to care about them.  Sometimes the voices can be heard and the immediate picture that comes to mind, is tears.  Seems like all the voices are sad.  Sad that things are not working out.  Sad that someone won't listen.  Sad that life has become so mundane.

If you let them, the voices will grab hold of you and pull you in, increasing pressure until it starts to suffocate you.  You want to help but you know and understand that the lost are the lost and your help does not even matter.  The voices truly, deep down, with complete honesty do not care.  They scream in pain for help and attention but then... life goes on.  

But some voices are there, here, down yonder.. for one reason.. to help.  They know the voices don't care and they know the other voices are almost guaranteed to not be listening.  But it continues, daily, and with increasing determination to help.. to change.. silence?

What voices do you listen to?  Do you listen to the sad voices or the motivated voices?  Do your voices joke and laugh at seriousness or do your voices preach consistent effort?  Do the voices that you come in contact with have dedication to becoming better or are the voices determined to bring your voice down.. or worse.. your mind?  

The voices I listen to are knowledgeable with the intent of becoming better.. everyday. The voices I hear that stick in my mind have dedication, determined, and they are demanding.  Those voices speak the truth and have an incredible passion for the things that MATTER.  

So... what kind of voices are you reading?

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