Monday, September 24, 2012

Four Days and a Blog Post Later..

EDIT- I started this the 17th and never got to finishing it.

I haven't had the opportunity to throw a blog post up in quite a few days.  Life has been going Mach speeds and was quite enjoyable over the past few days.  It started last Thursday, the 13th of September on a day I will never forget.

My stepfather Rob works for a company known as PM Solider Weapons, formerly PM Small Arms, and it was their 20th anniversary.  They had a celebration and I was lucky enough to attend the ceremony and much more.

It started with him picking me up at 4:45 in the morning to head to the gym.  On the way in he showed me around and mentioned the wildlife that seems to make the base their home.  We went straight into the gym and on the way into the building I was already impressed.

On the outside, Forge Fitness looks like an airplane hanger.  To the left of the door to enter there was a small section that resemble a children's playground.  Atlas Stones, Tires, Monkey Bars, and much more sat resting in the mulch.

We walked in and the tour began after I dropped my change of clothes in the locker room.  The first part of the gym looked like a normal Globo Gym with free weights and cardio machines.  The next room was HOME.

Enter the Powerlifting room. I have to say I was greatly impressed when I saw the platforms, the bumper plates, the sandbags, a box to jump on, and even a Strongman Log.  My workout started in the Globo section of the gym as I benched but quickly made my way in here to use the log, do some jumps, and slam a medicine ball, as well as multi-grip pullups on the fascinating power rack to the left of those platforms above.

Also in the gym was a full sized basketball court, a cycling room with a TV for p90x totally equipped with pull-up bars and more, a room with a table tennis set up, a pool with a treadmill in it, and a karate room.  Awesome to say the least.

Finished up the workout doing Dips with guys almost twice my age who made me look like a weak bastard..

After the workout we headed over to Rob's office and on the way the wildlife he was talking about made a cameo appearance.

Momma quickly ran and I only got an ass shot on my phone of her, but above is one of her cubs.  He chilled.  Slightly frightened by the cameras and numerous pictures we snapped, he stayed right alongside the road for a good 5 minutes without running.  In the picture he attempted to climb the tree or was just getting ready in case we needed our protein for the day.
After our encounter with Yogi I visited his office and meet a few people as we walked over to the conference room.  

Inside the conference hallways were tables lined with the coolest freaking weapons I have ever seen.  From Sniper Rifles to Body Armor to handheld Grenade Launchers. Shotguns with machine gun attachments and Fully Automatic weapons that weighed as much as a medicine ball. 

Upon the arrival of my mother we jumped at the chance to get our picture taken holding some seriously badass guns.

So it was finally time to head into the conference room where we sat and listened to the history of PM Solider Weapons and how they started as an idea.  One huge thing I learned also before the speakers was that retired does not mean "retired".  I met a few people who worked that said they were "retired". So after the history of the company some active military personnel walked in and showcased the weapons that PM developed that are in use with our armed forces. We sat and listened to a few Snipers talk about their deployments in Afghanistan and what weapons they liked the best.  Interesting to say the least.

In attendance were One Star and Two Generals. They both gave a brilliant speech and it was awesome to be in their presence.

Major General Nickolas Justice gave one of those speeches and I am honored to have been able to see it.

After the ceremony and speakers we headed over to the country club on base and had some burgers and dogs. Then the awesome part was about to get underway. We loaded into a bus and went to the range!

At the range we had the incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot some military issued weapons.  2 Sniper Rifles, a Shotgun, a Semi Automatic Rifle, and a Fully Automatic Machine Gun. The Sniper Rifles gave me an eerie chill the first time I heard them fired and the machine gun was the best. My mother kicked ass shooting those weapons also and had a great time.


So Mom & Rob- Thank you for this awesome experience!

Also- that weekend my wife threw me a great 30th Birthday Party.  I had such a great time seeing friends and family, playing ladder ball and laughing when the keg was kicked so early.  "Just open the gifts I got and throw them in the cooler." My In-Laws came over the day before and really helped me kick ass and prepare for the party.  Thanks for the new leaf blower and for taking time out of your life to help us! The weather was perfect and the food was great!  A few motorcyclists, some Jeepers, and 3 pregnant women celebrated with excitement. Two garter snakes and a niece who loves to pose for a camera. A 30 seocnd speech were I forgot to thank my mother for all she did and gave- I am sorry and will never forget forgetting. For everyone else who came that I forgot to mention- thank you. You're still cool enough to be invited.


Thank you everyone who came out! It was awesome!

Since then a lot has been happening, a camping trip gone, and a change to my fitness routine. I'll get to that later!

- Get out there and Kick Ass!

Dedicated. Demanding. Determined.

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