Thursday, March 8, 2012

You don't need Motivation.

-I need motivation!

-I need that kick in the ass to get started.

I have always felt that if you need to get motivated to do something, you truly do not want it.  Looking for motivation outside your mind and body does not work.  You may have some light bulbs go off inside your head and start to see things a lot clearer but if it's motivation you seek, you will fail.

A lot of people look for trainers to be a source of motivation.  This is good and all, but if you don't have that desire to change inside, you will never reach the goal you seek.  A personal fitness coach can try their hardest to bring out the best in you, they can try their hardest to get you to stick with the plan religiously, but the effort that is needed for success comes from yourself.  

Back to the second sentence of the above paragraph- I used the word "desire". Desire is much more important then motivation and having a "burning" desire to reach a goal is all the motivation you need.  How bad do you want it?  How bad do you want to be successful with your diet and training? Let me step away from training for a moment and ask about a job, a relationship, a baby, or a new house.  How bad do you want that?  A lot of people in this world will go after something so much less important then their health and give it everything they have.

What is important about something so materialistic that in order to achieve it, you risk your health?  Do you really want to continue risking 20, 30, or even 40 years of your life to gain something that doesn't even matter? Nobody has an excuse as to why they cannot try.  Trying is the first step to DOING.  Everybody on this planet has the ability to be awesome.  They are already awesome, they just need to find it.  Instead of seeking motivation from some outside source of information, look inside.  Look deep inside your mind, body, and soul and find where it hides.  Push all of the things that do not matter out of your life and see what is left.

Time and time again people fail.  They blame their motivation level on the problem.  The problem is not their motivation, it's their desire, their will.  Effort is hard when you have no desire.  "Exercise is hard" was first said by the person with no level of desire.  Exercise is not hard, it actually is pretty fucking kick ass if you ask me. Too many people use the excuse of exercise being hard to get out of doing something that requires effort, and more importantly, doing something that they have no desire to do in the first place.  That doesn't make you a bad person, or less of a human then others, but blaming it on motivation or effort is plain ridiculous.  

So next time you seek out the motivation to move your ass or throw away the Twinkies, ask yourself how bad you want it.  Find the desire to change or the desire to be better inside yourself.  It takes effort to change and it takes action. That action does not mean you have to go for the gusto right from the starting gate.  Never do more than your body can handle.  Society is too deconditioned to go all out in the beginning.   Every person is different and every step for every person is different.  Find out where you stand and start there, work your way to awesome one day at a time.  

Do not think about July until you have defeated June. 

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