Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just Believe

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve" Napoleon Hill

Believe in yourself right now.

I could end this blog post and leave my message as clear as day with the above sentence and my point will get across to nearly everyone.  We need to start believing in ourselves and realize how awesome we are.  How incredible our lives can be when we focus our energy on the positive nature around us.  Too many people hang their heads in defeat before they even try, and think they failed before even thinking they CAN.  

It is no surprise that the world is changing and a lot of people are left in the dust.  Companies in the USA are outsourcing to other countries, technology is replacing human labor, and jobs of the past are nowhere to be seen.  Unemployment has risen to levels not seen in 80 years and now, we are running out of belief, desire, drive, and motivation. This is right where "the man" wants the people.  People's mind frame is now "How am I going to find a job in this economy? There are no jobs anywhere."  These people have already failed and have given in to the defeat of not being able to find a job.  They didn't even try yet. They did not even think "Now I go find my dream job." or "Time to go after my passion."  Instead the focus is on negative feelings about the situation and we have continued on as puppets to society and absorbed the status quo that circulates around like the town whore.

We are too wrapped up in all the negative aspects of life.  We watch the news, read the paper, and catch a glimpse of an article on-line and everything about those stories featured are negative.  We follow it, we embrace it, we NEED it, and then- we get stuck in the emotions it brings out that we forget that everything around us is fucking awesome. Some folks say they do not watch the news because "all news is bad news", and the media outlets reap the benefits of this- why?  Because that is what the majority of people want.  They want to see death tolls, murders, controversies, and conspiracy stories.  People want to see how bad someone else has it or how bad conditions are where they are not and afterwards they feel better momentarily. Family gatherings and friendly conversations quickly include unemployment, taxes, war, crime, and politics.  All of this is negative BS that we do NOT NEED. Our focus should be on making the positive the center of attention, instead we forget that anything at all is good.

This type of thought occurs in gyms across the country.  The first thing people think when they want to get in shape is, "How do I lose weight?" Not, "Time to shred this flab and get super sexy fit, I'm going to figure this out." Or, after the positive thought of going after their goals and not succeeding quick enough they ask "Why can't I lose weight?" or "I'll never get in shape because I can't do the eating thing properly."  Where the hell is the good in any of this? These people are not believing in themselves and setting up their failure, most of the time, before they even start..

It is time to throw out the negative bullshit thoughts about everything and anything in your life and start believing that you CAN and WILL be awesome and accomplish whatever it is that YOU WANT. Stop setting up failure and see that success is easy to reach.  Feel inside of your mind and body that you WILL lose weight, you WILL find a job, or whatever you want to WILL.  You are capable and powerful.  Realize it.  Believe it.

"Capability means imagination..."

And I'm sure you can use yours...

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