Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Lies Stop Now....


Enough is Enough. 

The Lies Stop Now!!

For far too long now the American public has been lied to. Everyday more and more lies are spewed to us through television, newspapers, radio, whatever.. it comes out. We listen. Light bulbs go off. We share info to the next person like we just heard the world's most shocking news. But is it the truth? Ask your mother or your neighbor and most likely what you hear is "Yup" "Can you believe that?" "I never knew that!" "And for xx years I've been doing it the opposite."

These lies we listen to range from everything in life from political issues to oil changes. The money spent protecting these lies is astronomical and it's right in front of our eyes. Big time corporations get away with lying, one, because they throw a huge portion of their profits at it, and two the information out there is in such abundance it dwarfs societies opinions. The information comes out so quickly and continuously piles up so much that our voices are shut out and our minds are brainwashed.

I can go on about all of the different ways we are lied to in our life but that is not my purpose or my passion and to spend time on something that doesn't fit into your life's purpose is pointless. Sure I can talk for hours about how we are "dumbed" down everyday or how we are bred to believe that you need to go to college to make it in this world, and if you don't you'll never be a success, but that is not the point of this blog post.  I have one mission.

Time after time, year after year, workout after workout the struggle with weight is battled. Two months of doing some fitness program and diet and finally good enough to call it quits until Resolution time. Pack the gym after the holidays and throw some money at some big time gimmick. Plan part of the day to get to the gym and jump on the treadmill for one hour to get that good sweat in. Awesome, the sweat is draining, must be doing it right! Going to lose some weight now boy!!!!! Somebody try to stop this momentum!!! Two weeks later nowhere to found in the gym, tired as a dog from over training and under nutrition. But Eggs are bad, why eat them? Fat is horrible. Heart attacks happen because somebody eats fat. Maybe the leg press machine is my best bet and maybe the Zumba class is where it's at? Scale time- yuck. Oh the weight is not going down. Drop some more food out of the diet and eat just salad! YAY! Now it's going to happen! Finally get that dream body!

Now just stop right there and look at what is going on. Can you see what is going on? Whoever is saying that stuff and doing those things is following the yellow brick road of lies to
complete failure. That is because the industry creates so much confusion on what works, what doesn't, this is the best or no that is the best.  Corporate Fitness thrives off of this.  It is such a shame that the fitness industry has gone from the basics that are proven to work to a flurry of worthless horse shit.  Let's break down each and every statement and see where the lies come from. Throwing money at a big gimmick relates to some fad diet that has packaged food shipped via UPS or some supplement out there promising dramatic results. We are conditioned to believe what we read, hear, or see. The most popular television commercials promising dramatic results are from supplement companies marketing the holy grail fat burning pill filled with shit that will kill you. What does the average person know regarding fat burning pills? Most likely people think they work because of the before and after pictures. Sure some before and after pictures are real but what they do not tell you is that person in the picture has just spent 12 or more grueling weeks, probably with a trainer, on a very specific diet with a very intense training program. Take a pill and wish for fat loss while your hunger becomes so suppressed that when you finish or quit taking the pills, your body's natural instincts of fight or flight go bouncing off the walls and it holds onto everything because you neglected it.  Let’s say I had a pill and I told you if you took this pill you’d lose all your fat. Would you believe me? Based off of my opinion and recommendation you most likely would not take it without knowing what it was. Now let’s say I own a highly recognized supplement company making over a hundred million a year and I spent about five million marketing this pill, got some news channels to do stories on it, and was even invited onto a talk show in the morning. Would you believe me then? Most likely, yes and that is because they have the money to fill your mind with bullshit lies and empty promises.

Sweat must mean you're losing weight right? Getting that t-shirt drenched is the best thing to do in order to lose weight right? NO. While sweating does mean you are getting a workout it doesn't necessarily mean you are doing the right thing. People again have been conditioned to believe that long steady state cardio is a must do in order to lose weight. Yes you'll lose weight, but if you don't add in strength training you'll be burning your muscle and when you decide it's time to "go back to normal" you body will not be able to use those calories efficiently and your body will store them as fat, causing the year after year cycle of diet after diet to continue. This is EXACTLY what the Corporate Fitness world wants and this is EXACTLY why people continue to do it. Millions and Billions of dollars are made every year off of the lies that are thrown at you. Zumba, Jazzercise, Cardio Kickboxing, and Spin Classes are all created because someone is smart enough to BANK on the idea that people believe their lies. They make extreme changes in people by putting them on low calorie diets and intense Zumba training and market the results causing a flurry of money to pour in. Nobody has "the time" to research the truth and the Corporate Fitness world knows this. They know people will buy into the lies, throw money at their problems in hopes of success, fail, repeat the cycle, throw more money at, have success once in awhile, recommend the successful runs to friends and family, and the circle of lies keeps getting richer and richer and people still get fat. WHY? Why do people have to do P90x more than once? Why does this cycle repeat itself? Are you bulking up, building muscle, and planning to cut weight on purpose like a professional bodybuilder? I didn't think so. You have fell victim to the lies. So, what's the truth?




The truth is if you do not make health and fitness an important part of your daily life you will forever repeat this vicious cycle. Stick to the basics that have been taught for years and years.  Stick to movements the body was made to do.  Below I list the 10 most important aspects of the truth that Corporate Fitness hopes the majority of people never know and most will never understand:

1. Corporate Gyms market to get you in and sign up in hopes YOU DO NOT COME.

2. Working out for an hour on a treadmill is not working out at all. It's just... I don't know.. playing around?

3. The barbell should become your best friend. See Henry Rollins quote about "iron"

4. Food products like Special K or Low Fat PopCorn Healthy Edition are full of shit. Boxed food claiming to be healthy and sold by processing food kings like Kraft and Kelloog's suck the life out of you and reap the benefits of your money. Cut that stuff out NOW. Just because it's 100% Whole Grain or Gluten Free does not mean you can eat it freely. There is better food out there.

5. If something claims "6 pounds of fat loss in 6 days" it's a lie unless it tells you specifically why and how: Lose six pounds in a week!!!! Buy XXXX today and lose 6 pounds by the end of the week!! Sure that might work and actually I personally could guarantee it. Here’s how, drop all the carbs you eat from your diet. You might lose ten. Good luck with that. This works but it’s not the answer and it’s a quick leading misconception that people PROFIT off of. Yes you will lose six pounds or 10, maybe even 12, but most of it consists of water and even worse lean mass. This type of quick fix does not work! It’s a lie and that is because it is not the loss of fat, which is what you are after.

6. Powerlifters and Bodybuilders know what works. Ask them.

7. Low calorie diets will make you fat and if you UNDER EAT you will not make any progress. And to make matters worse, if you under eat and jump on a treadmill for a couple hours a week, you may get fatter. Do not avoid carbohydrates.

8. Most machines in the gym are useless, will ruin your form, and eventually hurt you. There are only a few things I would ever touch in the gym: The Barbell, The Dumbbell, A Bench, The Squat Rack, The Dip/Chin Up Station, and some other minor utilities that most people do not need until they reach a certain level. (NOW If you are a complete NEWBIE to fitness and strength training it is EXTREMELY important to spend a week or two getting used to movements. Some things that help this are bands, TRX, and medicine balls.) Bosu Balls, Treadmills, Smith Machines, Leg Sleds, Ab Machines, and Bicep Machines are a waste of valuable gym space. Do not use them. Maybe the owner of the gym will sell them.

9. Most women are afraid to lift weights because they think they will get huge ugly muscles and start to feel like they look like a man. This is probably one of the biggest lies in the fitness industry. Most likely this started because of some punk kids getting annoyed by some woman was lifting more weight then them. They probably pointed to a female bodybuilder and said "You want to look like that?" with a disgusted look on their face. Truth is she didn't get like that WITHOUT A TON of steroids.

10. Fad diets, Mainstream diets, and diet guidelines are filled to the top with lies. Eat four times a day is bullshit. "Cut your calories to lose weight" is crap. (Although not a lie, it is true, but why? Why not up your OUTPUT?) "You're body can only use a certain amount of protein per hour so you shouldn't eat more than 30 grams per sitting...." SHUT UP! Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Atkins, whatever the hell is out there is out there for money. Stick to the basics in my previous blog and make it a priority to make it a lifestyle change. Do not waste money on weight watchers or their food in the grocery store. Are you seriously going to eat processed cookies claiming to be good for you when you want the body of your dreams? You want to follow a no bullshit, actual proven scientifically studied diet guideline? Go to You are what you eat is the truest statement ever. Follow it. If someone tells you to eat 1200 calories, tell them to stop lying to your face.

BONUS TIP 11. Ab machines, Butt machines, and Shocker Waves Bobbly things on infomercials claiming to tone or burn fat in a specific area are gimmicks that are fueled by the lies from Corporate Fitness. You can not SPOT REDUCE fat.  See That shoe? HA HA

Any given commercial break during any television program you can see about four to five lies regarding many different aspects of life. Ignore them for sake of our future generations. Shut them down at the root and hit the damn mute button. Do not take what you read, see, or hear as the truth without any type of research.  Do not fall into the trap of quick fix gimmicks.  They don't work.  Hard work, dedication, and a commitment to succeed is the recipe for success. Save your money and do not buy worthless supplements that promise the holy grail of fat loss.  Use that money for good quality food and plan everything you do.  Spend time on researching and planning and the time it'll take to reach a specific goal of yours, will be a lot sooner and the time will be used more productively.  Get out there, work hard, and tune out the bullshit hoopla thrown in your face everyday.  You can do it.  Try.

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