Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Activate Fitness

Fitness: (n) The state or condition of being fit; suitability or appropriateness.

Fitness is something that is lacking in society.  Everywhere you look you can see people far away from the state of fitness, lurking in the danger zone of serious health issues.  Almost every person on Earth knows quite a few people who are very out of shape.  Our society as a whole is not Fit and this creates problems everywhere we look, from taxes to health insurance premiums.

Fitness is a hard thing to achieve.  It takes extreme dedication, motivation, and a burning desire.  How many people have a burning desire so hot that they engage in diet and exercise while giving it their all?  We see this throughout the economics of diet and exercise. 12 second Six Packs, 12 weeks to a new body, 12 pounds lost in 12 days, and the money spent on these gimmicks increases everyday.

Fitness is not a quick fix.  The lack of fitness in society and maybe even yourself should be considered before wasting money on these programs or materials that promise fast results.  We have no right trying to dance around for 60 minutes to burn as many calories as possible and call it fitness.  We have no right dedicating 90 days to a program we are not fit enough to engage in.  We have no right trying to get fast results and THAT IS WHY WE FAIL... over and over again.

Ask the average middle aged man and woman what their main goal is when it comes to diet and exercise and you'll get the answer of "I want to be more toned." or "I want to lose this stomach.".  Then ask them if they are willing to count their calories if they needed to do so and you'll most likely hear "That's too much work."  So then we ask them if they are willing to dedicate 12-24 weeks of basic stretching and mild conditioning to get to the point where they are ready to engage in Activating their Fitness and you'll most likely hear "But that is boring."

"I just want to lose weight and lose it fast!!" Ok, eat less. Done.

BUT... That won't make you "fit". Fit is being in good condition and good health.  Losing weight alone doesn't create that condition.

Losing weight or Building Muscle is not Fitness.You can be an overweight person who can barely walk up a flight of stairs without resting, start a diet and exercise program, lose 100 pounds, and in the end- still be short of breath from a flight of stairs- IF you just want to lose weight. This is not Fitness. This doesn't cure unhealthy states in your body.

Sure the majority of our society can afford to lose a few pounds but what we need to do first.. is:
Activate Fitness.

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